A Group of Health Care ProfessionalsHaving a doctor available at any time of the day is becoming a priority, especially when you feel unwell or in pain and can’t possibly treat yourself alone. However, there are times when your regular physician might not be available at a certain time of the day or you need to schedule an appointment with them first before being able to see them.
While going to the emergency room is an alternative, conditions that don’t need emergency medical attention can easily be addressed by going to an urgent care facility in Lehi. However, some people are still hesitant about urgent care because of a few myths surrounding it. Learn about these myths and the truth behind it.

Myth #1: Urgent care is the same as an emergency room

Some people believe that emergency rooms and urgent care centers are the same. However, both health services cater to different medical scenarios. Unlike emergency rooms, urgent care centers only manage minor ailments that don’t involve any life-threatening situations.

Myth #2: Urgent care charges expensive rates

You may likely end up with bills from various providers when you go to a hospital, depending on the treatment or examination that you may require. According to some health professionals, you’ll likely end up paying just one bill when you go to an urgent care clinic.

Myth #3: Urgent care provides poor quality care

Another common misconception is that the quality of service that urgent care facilities offer is low. People think that urgent care doesn’t offer the same level of services that a typical emergency room provides. The truth is, you can expect to be seen immediately by a physician assistant, a nurse, or a doctor when you go to an urgent care facility.

An urgent care clinic is a great alternative for those who need medical assistance at the wee hours. It’s best to visit a reputable facility near your area to get the appropriate medical services you need.