Woman using earphone bluetoothWe’ve lost count of how many times we’ve misplaced things.  Remote controls, smartphones, wallets, and even car keys. No matter how hard we try to not forget about them, when something calls our attention we forget about the things we brought with us and forget where we set them upon last.

Here’s where Bluetooth tracking technology comes in handy. There are many brands now that offer this functionality at an affordable price. Each has something unique about them while others are very basic but gets the job done.

Bluetooth tracking technology works by alerting you when you’ve moved too far from something that you should be taking along with you. It also works like a tracking device wherein you can open an app on your smartphone and see where it is as long as it is within a hundred feet of your person.

Why You Need Them

If you have a propensity for losing your belongings, it might be the right time for you to get a set of tracking solutions that can help you keep track of them or at least alert you when you’re about to accidentally leave them behind.

This technology is particularly helpful if you have a laptop. Stick one under your device’s case and have peace of mind that if you’re about to leave it behind within a certain distance you’ll be alerted. OR if you’re having coffee with a friend with your bag slung behind a chair, and someone tries to steal it, you’ll also be notified by a sound, so you can catch the thief just before they can escape with your bag.

Most famous trackers available in the market today are Tile Mate and TrackR. Both have their unique traits, so you only need to compare decide which match your needs better.

There are so many benefits to Bluetooth and these trackers are included in that list. It’s wireless, affordable, reliable, and not to mention not the least bit bulky. Other than that, they also help you save money by not having to buy replacements for what you lost.

If you’re not too sure, you can by the smallest pack count and see for yourself if they help you lose things less often than you used to. Or if it completely eliminates the losses.