• How to Make Sure Your Boat Cover Lasts Long

    • razorsoft_admin
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    • 13 September 2018

    boat is covered with its boat coverYou checked for bass boat covers for sale for your boats that you use for catching panfish, and you settled for one that was the right size, within your budget and that you presumed would serve you for a couple of years.

    One thing, though, that you might have overlooked is that extending the life of your boat does not end with merely covering it. The following guide will help enhance the functionality of the boat covers that you already are using:

    1. Using Tie-Downs

    These extras are essential for tying down boat covers both when trailering and storing, irrespective of whether you leave the boat sitting in water or on the trailer.

    It will keep you from losing boat covers to theft or sinking in water. Also, using tie-downs will ensure water never pools on the boat, which would degrade its quality.

    2. Supporting the Cover

    Using a tent to put on top of the boat ensures efficient running off water that falls on the cover, which, like using tie-downs, reduces chances of pooling. Among the most effective techniques here is using a pontoon, which lifts the cover to stick up above the boat’s rails.

    If your boat has pedestal seats, leaving them up and folding down the backs will also create the required support for the cover; the console height serves this purpose, too, if your boat is a center console.

    You did well to choose the right size and material of boat cover. You, however, now understand how important it is to enhance the cover’s functionality using the two techniques above.

    Most boat cover manufacturers also have these accessories (tie-downs and support systems) to use together with boat covers. However, inquiring about their availability and cost will help you plan your maintenance tasks and costs.